Construction Industry / Tourism Sector

Construction companies, architects, civil engineers and investors in tourism and recreation building have been using our expertise in building automation along with experience in telemetry and software development.

We manufacture and install really smart controlling systems with elevated capabilities for home, office, commercial, tourism, hotel and warehouse appliances. Some specs and properties are mentioned below.

Smart building Control System

User profiles in order the system to adjust the right variables for optimum use of energy versus wellness

Use/mode profile in order the system to adjust for optimum use of the property

P/V, renewable, backup energy source handling

-Wellness handle (light/shade, noise dumping)

-Voice commands

-Air quality handle

-Alarm handling (intrusion, heat/smoke, fire, leakage)

-Access control including dividing the areas to multiple users

-Receptionless Check in

-Telemetry and remote control even for hundreds of apartments

-Records, data base handling, statistics

Set of sensors is provided along with the automation system.

Profiles are applied either locally or remotely. Control screens are installed inside the use areas.

Our systems are based on PLC/HMI/SCADA combination along with ethernet or profinet networks build and tested on very big complexes without problems or distance limitations

Built to work, built to last

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