EDGE Computing

Industrial EDGE Computing and Data Cloud Solutions

At SBIA we develop and Integrate Industrial Edge Computing systems either into your existing automation system or for your production floor.

Industrial Edge helps optimize your machine and plant availability and performance, and lets you get even more out of your existing data.

We can provide you with many ready-to-use applications for data collection, storage, analysis, and display, so you can turn machine data into measurable success, whether for rapid process data analyses or for maintenance optimization.

Analyze performance data for machines from multiple vendors

Benefits of Industrial Edge:

  • Integration of machines from multiple vendors
  • Utilization of machine data at management level
  • Deployment and management of own and 3rd party applications

AI Anomaly Detection:

Key Features

  • Uses artificial intelligence to predict production process issues
  • Classifies the business impact of anomalies
  • Offers control process stability and product quality
  • Optimizes product throughput/output or achieve a certain product quality/output ratio

Customer Benefits

  • Decrease production costs / product quality ratio to reach your business targets
  • Ensure the knowledge of most experienced operators is available to all operators
  • Use a complete software solution to drive production according to your business objectives

Energy Manager, Performance Insight, Data Connectors

…and many more applications are ready to handle and distribution iformation out a sea of data from your production floor.

The inteligent machine learning APIs can not only collect, analyse and sort data from your machines but also assign and handle the different personnel roles seamlessly.


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