Food Industry

We have developed automation systems to a great number of industries in the food sector.

Machinery renovation, production line control systems, traceability, integrations of multiple departments, complete SCADA solutions, demanding PLC tasks, data collection and industrial measurement, manufacturing process control and execution systems, monitoring, alarming and telecontrol systems are some of our expertise.

Hundreds of delivered projects of added value to the end customer, implemented in minimum time, not only eliminating or overcoming common and known problems but setting the ground for the industrial upgrade.

Innovative products of SBIA.

Products like liquid batchers have been developed for food industries with maximum results.

Bunker weight scales, blow transport control and raw material batchers, product percentage distributors, oven or fridge temperature monitoring systems, intelligent recognition systems and many more innovative systems along with renovation and reprogramming of any production machine, consists a full know how package for the food industry.

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