Pharmaceutical Industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, we specialize in a number of integrated and embedded systems and services of high added value. Some of them are mentioned below.

EMS (Environmental conditions Monitoring System) that comply with FDA 21 CFR and ANNEX 11 standards. We can develop and implement such a system in minimum time due to our experience and ready to use software modules.

Calibration of EMS sensors (differential pressure and temperature).

Sterilization ovens automation and software that comply with pharmaceutical standards. Modern automation of any size sterilization chamber with innovative interface. Fully automatic operation and printouts for certification.

Distillation unit automation and software with unique PID functions that can boost the production capacity of the distillation unit upwards. This system can retrofit any older distillation unit to a modern standard.

Lyofilization unit automation and software ready to implement into any dry-freeze process or machinery. This system can retrofit any older lyo unit to a modern standard.

Retrofit Systems and machinery.

Retrofitting older bottling, filling, capping and pill press machinery is one of our main expertise. These workings do not only extent the life expectancy of the machine but also import and implement improvements in material extrusion deviation, in weighting or dosing, in speed and capacity of the machine etc.

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