Food Industry – Waste Handling

Embedded automation systems for the food industry

We develop comprehensive embedded automation systems for the food industry sector, enhancing efficiency, traceability, and integration across departments.

Our expertise includes:

  1. Production line control systems: Streamlining and optimizing the manufacturing process for improved efficiency and quality control.
  2. Traceability solutions: Ensuring product tracking and accountability throughout the supply chain.
  3. Integration of multiple departments: Facilitating seamless communication and data sharing between different areas of operation.
  4. Control rooms and complete SCADA solutions: Providing centralized control and monitoring of various production processes.
  5. Demanding PLC tasks: Tackling complex programmable logic controller tasks to enhance automation and control.
  6. Data collection and industrial measurement: Gathering essential data for analysis and process optimization.
  7. Batchers, manufacturing process control, and execution systems: Managing and automating production processes for optimal output.
  8. Monitoring, alarming, telecontrol, and anomaly detection systems: Ensuring the early identification of issues and enabling swift intervention.

Our team has successfully delivered hundreds of high-value projects, implemented within minimal timeframes, addressing common challenges while setting the foundation for industrial upgrades.

Innovative products from our SBIA Industry Partner:

  1. Bunker weight scales, pneumatic transport control, and raw material batching systems.
  2. Product percentage distribution solutions for accurate ingredient allocation.
  3. Oven and refrigerator temperature monitoring systems to ensure food safety and quality.
  4. Intelligent recognition systems for advanced process control and automation.
  5. Renovation and reprogramming services for existing production machines.

Our comprehensive know-how package for the food industry provides a complete solution for enhancing productivity, efficiency, and overall process control.

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