Public Sector & Infrastructure

Infrastructure embedded systems built to last

Our expertise in infrastructure embedded systems has been utilized by numerous domestic and international contractors for medium to large-scale public sector projects.

Highlighted projects include:

  1. Installation, programming, and commissioning of the automation system and control room for the five-story underground Keramikos parking station in Athens, distributed via a fiber network.
  2. Automation and monitoring system for the Groppa tunnels, stretching from Trikala to Mesochora.

Our know-how encompasses the synchronization of I/O in installations covering extremely long distances, ensuring seamless communication and control.

Smart City Infrastructure

Modern infrastructure relies on a multitude of interconnected systems, including:

  1. Sensors: Gathering essential data from various sources for improved decision-making.
  2. Tele-surveillance: Remote monitoring of city assets for security and management purposes.
  3. Security and monitoring systems: Ensuring public safety and the efficient use of resources.
  4. Energy management: Optimizing energy consumption for a sustainable urban environment.
  5. Digitization and big data: Harnessing the power of data to drive smart city initiatives.
  6. Recording and analysis: Collecting and processing data for informed planning and execution.
  7. Signaling systems: Facilitating efficient transportation and communication networks.
  8. Integration and IoT: Connecting various systems and devices for a truly smart city experience.

As a systems integrator, our specialization spans across diverse aspects of smart city infrastructure, ensuring comprehensive and reliable solutions for modern urban environments.

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