Pharmaceutical Industry

Developing and applying smart factory tools and software systems

In the pharmaceutical industry, we specialize in developing high added value Smart Factory software tools and embedded systems. Some of them are mentioned below.

EMS (Environmental Monitoring System) compliant with GMP FDA 21 CFR ANNEX 11 standards: We develop and implement custom-built EMS systems of any scale on the Simatic Platform.

Supply of certified EMS Siemens sensors: These include differential pressure, humidity, temperature, particle counters, and various production sensors like level, pressure, flow, conductivity, CO2, and electric and non-electric measurements.

“Explore the cutting-edge of pharmaceutical environmental monitoring with SBIA. Our state-of-the-art Environmental Monitoring Systems (EMS) are meticulously designed to align with the stringent guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and FDA 21 CFR ANNEX 11 standards.

At SBIA, we appreciate the unique needs of each pharmaceutical manufacturer. That’s why we focus on developing and implementing custom-built EMS systems that can scale to your precise needs. Whether you’re a small-scale operation or a sprawling pharmaceutical powerhouse, our solutions are tailored to your specific operational and regulatory requirements.

Experience matters in a field as exacting as pharmaceutical manufacturing. Leveraging our extensive industry experience, we’ve integrated advanced modules like Simatic Platform, Audit Trial, Digital Signature, and Simatic Logon to our EMS to provide you with a comprehensive monitoring solution.

Moreover, we understand the importance of reliable data. Our EMS is equipped with a full set of certified sensors, designed to deliver consistent, accurate environmental monitoring. Trust in the quality of your data and make informed decisions that bolster your manufacturing processes and product quality.

Choose SBIA for your EMS needs and experience the synergy of cutting-edge technology, custom-built solutions, and expert industry knowledge. Together, we can strive towards manufacturing excellence in the pharmaceutical industry.”


Sterilization oven automation system and software compliant with GMP pharmaceutical standards: We offer modern automation for sterilization chambers of any size, featuring an innovative interface and fully automatic operation with printouts.

Distillation unit automation system and software with smart PID functions: This automation system can be adapted to any distillation unit and can retrofit older units to modern standards.

EMS Environmental monitoring systems for pharmaceutical cannabis plants: Developed according to GMP and ISO standards, these systems include an audit system that certifies records of intervention.

Retrofit Systems and machinery: Retrofitting bottling, filling, capping, and pill press machinery is one of our main areas of expertise. These services not only extend the machine’s life expectancy but also introduce improvements in material extrusion deviation, weight or dosing accuracy, and speed and capacity of the machine.

Onsite technical support for automatic machinery and process systems: We offer contract-based or pay-as-you-go services to cater to your needs.

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