Stamatiou Evangelos – Automation Engineer & General Manager
With over two decades of field experience and a passion for continuous improvement and innovation in the industrial automation sector, Mr. Stamatiou Evangelos has led his company to be among the best in Greece. As the owner and founder, he is a top-level PLC/SCADA Engineer/Programmer, expert in Simatic, software development, and network administration. His leadership has resulted in 700 successfully delivered projects in the last 20 years, significantly impacting and improving client processes, underscoring his commitment to progression and perfection. His team consists of highly qualified technicians and experts capable of covering and delivering any industrial project around the world.

Karakitsos Nikos – Mechanical Engineer & Technical Manager
A licensed contractor for large-scale electro/mechanical projects, with over 20 years of experience in the field and dozens of delivered projects. His team specializes in handling every aspect of electromechanical and building installations, from main distribution to control power systems, as well as technical nominations, electro-engineering studies, and documentation.

Lelis Kostas – Civil Engineer & Construction Manager
A licensed contractor for civil construction projects, with more than 20 years of experience and hundreds of delivered projects. His team is known for professional, timely, and accurate construction execution, including civil works licensing and work management.

Mylonas Alexandros – Enterprise Level Licensed Accountant & Account Manager
With over two decades of experience in accounting and company management, he ensures the highest quality in contracting and project/client affairs handling. His expertise also covers B2B services, warranties, invoices, bank relations, and exports.

Mourmouris Chris – Net Admin and IT Manager
Boasting 20 years of on-site experience in servers, networks, telecommunications, telephone centrals, high availability systems, and communication networks. He specializes in the development of cloud solutions and automatic disaster recovery systems.

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