SBIA is a high-tech company specializing in the development and implementation of smart factory 4.0 production units, the development of information collection and control centers, the implementation of facility management systems and software development. Some of SBIA’s special skills are PLC and SCADA systems, automated process know-how and specialized industrial techniques. We are an approved Systems integrator of Siemens, and we collaborate on a technological level with many established companies in the industry, manufacturers as well as with universities and research centers. With hundreds projects as a benchmark, with top results and significant impact on production, we aim to serve you as best as possible with high efficiency products.

SBIA has expanded its activities and area of expertise with the recent collaboration of high qualified professionals in order to cover the needs of our clients not only in the Industrial Automation field but for the total of the industrial facilities including anything from ground foundation to the antenna on the roof. Therefore, we can provide Total Factory Services to most of the Industrial Sectors and guaranty best quality client experience by implementing all the knowledge that is needed under one roof. 

Total Factory Services was developed to fulfill the need for easier and efficient management of any facility by a single provider. We become our clients single source from facility management, power distribution and AHUs control, to addressing problems, maintenance, documentation, studies, up to certified processes, collecting information and efficient management. Specialized in savings techniques for Time – Energy and Resources.


We have invested in our company’s infrastructure and we are able to provide high-quality products and services as after sales and technical support and also a series of value added services like technical documentation for Certifications, Audit services, Certified Electronics Lab for repairs and testing, Technical nominations and expert opinion statements.


With 20 years of experience in the field of industrial automation, SBIA can guarantee for your company an immediate response to any of your demands. With well-organized manufacture and distribution departments combined with our competitive rates we aim at increasing our productivity and thus offer you the result you are looking for. At SBIA we stand out for designing smart, future proof systems which can be innovatively applied in industries of all types, offering solutions and tools to any production system.


20 years of experience and hundreds delivered projects and satisfied customers, dedication and progressive spirit, innovative solutions, experience in R&D. But most important because we build future proof systems. 


The mission of our firm is to establish itself in the field of industrial automation systems as a reliable company that builds better and smarter automation products. Our objective is to offer solutions by developing and implementing unique tools for the modern industry.


Our vision is to upgrade and develop the quality of technical services provided to industries and set a course that will take us to the level of dynamic competitiveness in the global market.

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