Smart Factory automation tools and software

Connected Factory and Smart Factory solutions are the trends of our times. We specialize in this area by developing smart factory software tools and solutions tailored to any process. Simatic EDGE environment and Industrial IoT systems provide the foundation for developing EDGE applications that we are all familiar with in our everyday lives. Smart doesn’t mean complicated. That’s why our top-rated smart factory automation tool presented below stands out for its simplicity.

WS-AS is an integrated monitoring system for real-time monitoring of workstations, regardless of technology, vendor, or make, based on the Simatic platform that can be customized for any process. Data recording and analytics, production percentages in absolute numbers, statistical behavior of machines and users categorized by shift, day, week, month, or year, as well as predicting production reduction and potential problems. Smart factory automation tools and software.

WS-AS Workstation Analysis System:

  • Fulfills the need for efficient production management, problem reporting, analytics, and predicting production losses.
  • Provides advanced tools for analyzing and reporting 31 different variables of every monitored workstation and can be implemented in any machine, regardless of make, vendor, or technology.
  • Offers color-coded visuals for easy recognition, live data, and trends without relying on human input.

WS-AS is the ultimate tool for modern industry to achieve objectives such as increasing production, lowering production costs, improving operation, locating malfunctions, centralized control, and the ability to intervene early at the beginning of a problem, recording and archiving all production data, and reducing idle time and losses.

All data exported by the system can be managed simultaneously by multiple users (e.g., department heads) locally or via the internet, providing actual production data not based on human input, which can be entered as real production data in an organization’s ERP system.

Features that distinguish our system in the smart factory tools and software market include:

  • Monitoring of 31 different variables for every workstation
  • Importing workstation status (4 modes) with color code
  • Full customization depending on the product or process
  • Multiple data export options compatible with all ERP systems
  • Incorporates the best attributes of individual subsystems, combining and using them in a unique way
  • Not based on data input from humans
  • Direct supervision and comparison of up to 5 shifts without searching
  • Easy-to-use and understandable environment, even for novice computer users
  • Simultaneous updates for multiple users via the network
  • Most importantly, it can be implemented in any workstation regardless of kind, technology, or vendor, as it does not interfere with the machine’s control equipment


  1. WS-AS Basic: System for production monitoring/audit
  2. WS-AS Production: SAS Basic + Statistics +Reporting
  3. WS-AS Pro: SAS Basic + Statistics + Energy Analysis (PMS)
  4. WS-AS Enterprise: SAS Basic + Statistics + Energy + Production Control

WS-AS system offers implementation for Audit Trail, secure data collection, and data integrity system that fully complies with GMP 21CFR ANNEX 11 standards and can be bridged to any ERP. Three levels of security, digital signature, and usage segmentation are additional features that can be implemented to complete the smart factory toolset.




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