WSAS Work Station Analysis System

WS-AS is a custom made integrated monitoring system of workstations regardless technology, manufacturer or brand in real time. Data recording and analytics, percentage of the production in absolute numbers, statistical behavior of the machines and users categorized on shift, day, week, month or year, as also predicting production and possible problems. 

WS-AS is the absolute tool for the modern industry to achieve objectives such as increasing of the production, lowering the production costs, improving operation, locating malfunctions, centralized control and capability of early intervention at the very beginning of the problem, recording and archiving of all production data. Reducing idle time and losses.

The data exported by the system besides being manageable simultaneously by multiple users (e.g. head of departments), locally or via internet, are actual production data that are not based on human input factor and can be entered as real data in any ERP system.

The features of our system that distinguish it in the market are:

  • Monitor of 31 different varaibles for every workstation
  • Import workstation status (4 modes) with color code
  • Full customized depending on the product process or need
  • Multiple data export that can be bridged to all ERP systems
  • Incorporates the best attributes of individual subsystems. Combines and uses them in a unique way
  • It is not based on data input from human user
  • Direct supervision and compare up to 5 shifts without search
  • Easy to use and understandable environment even for novice computer users
  • Simultaneous updates to multiple users via network
  • But most important: It can be implemented in eny workstation regardless technology, brand, manufacturer etc.


  1. SAS Basic: System for production monitoring
  2. SAS Production: SAS Basic + Statistics
  3. SAS Pro: SAS Basic + Statistics + Energy Analysis (possible savings)
  4. SAS Enterprise: SAS Basic + Statistics + Energy + Production Control

SAS Basic: The central system SAS (Station Analysis System), is a system that collects data from all the workstations in the factory, it records them, processes them and presents them to users (supervisors, managers etc.) either locally or via internet.

SAS Production: All functions of the basic version plus recording and behavioral analysis workstation statistical data over time. reporting, alarming and real production numbers. 

SAS Pro: All functions of the Production version plus additional module for implementation and application scenarios for energy analytics and saving in machines and processes.

SAS Enterprise: A comprehensive monitoring system and production control which combines uniquely leverages and extends the capabilities of SAS with encoding and monitoring of raw materials, mixtures, finished or semi finished products, monitoring order progression, recording and coding at all levels and OEE (overall equipment effectiveness).

The WS-AS system offers implementation for Audit Trail, secure data collection and data integrity system that fully complies with GMP 21CFR ANNEX 11 standards and can be bridged to any ERP. Three levels of security, digital signature and usage segmentation is aditional features that can be implemented. 

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